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Diebold Nixdorf

Consumer behavior is changing rapidly; people are empowered, connected and expect an unprecedented level of service and convenience. Simultaneously, the financial and retail industries we operate in are converging as mobile, contactless tech, smart data and advanced analytics blur the lines. The world is “always on” – it`s a digital era that requires us to orchestrate touchpoints in ways that meet and exceed the 24/7 automation needs of the banking and retail worlds. We`re the world leader in connected commerce, with proven expertise and comprehensive portfolios in cutting-edge systems technology, multi-vendor software and service excellence for both financial and retail ...
  • Number of Employees: 50K-100K
  • Annual Revenue: > $1 Billion


Name Title Contact Details
Linda Curtis
Director, Global Talent Management Profile
Gerrard Schmid
President and Chief Executive Officer Profile
Olivier Briche
Director of Professional Services and Software Profile
Tobin Anselmi
Vice President, Talent Management Profile
Patricia Lang
Vice President and Chief People Officer Profile

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