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Coeur Group

Coeur Group is a Lake Saint Louis, MO-based company in the Business Services sector.
  • Number of Employees: 25-100
  • Annual Revenue: $1-10 Million


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Think Global Sustainability

TGS Global is the premier management company providing the first operational framework for management, consulting, and administration of cannabis enterprise brands. As the corporate arm of Colorado`s leading dispensary brand, The Green Solution (TGS), TGSG boasts an expansive library of intellectual properties across disciplines including cultivation, manufacturing and extraction product lines, enterprise resource planning solutions, and technical documentation. TGS`s dispensary model is driven by innovation, consumer relationships, and work with regulators to help develop policies encouraging safe and responsible legislative progress. Our mission is to maximize accessibility, education, responsibility, and market share in the cannabis sector. TGS Global thus provides its award-winning dispensary network with the most competitive resources. Our extensive product library diversifies brand reach and spans from sophisticated, sleekly designed luxury products to high-value and casual consumer options. Producing this range of items in our unique, seed-to-sale supply chain provides flowers, concentrates, oils, edibles, topicals, and more, from the most sophisticated cultivation and manufacturing facilities in Colorado. Executing concepts and strategies that scale with our expansion requires a robust team of seasoned experts across industries. TGSG services include finance and accounting, marketing strategy and creative work, legal and regulatory affairs, secure logistics services, asset protection, and more. To overcome our industry`s technological limitations, our team of developers incepted a software catalog that digitizes our vertically integrated supply chain, providing POS, CRM, QC, compliance tracking, ecommerce, and inventory management. Backed by a multimedia library of documentation, TGSG is the world`s first enterprise-level cannabis brand, poised to expand The Green Solution from a Colorado institution into a national, and ultimately global, powerhouse.